Wellness By Lindsey Anderson

Unique Offerings In The World of Wellness

Yoga on a mountaintop. Floating in a hot air balloon over a canyon at sunrise. Nourishing food served fireside at a historic cabin.

Sound appealing? In today's world, it's important to step out of the churning busyness of life and into quieter spaces for awhile, spaces that allow us to experiment a little. Luckily, with their increasingly diverse experiences, hotels and resorts are making it easier than ever to both find some quiet, and to learn and grow within it. Here are three extraordinary destinations to consider for your next wellness getaway.

The Lodge at Blue Sky
Outdoor massage at The Lodge at Blue Sky


Close to Park City, Utah, The Lodge at Blue Sky sits on 3,500 acres of wild, uncultivated land and is a popular destination year-round. Its three types of accommodation include features like locally-sourced limestone and living grass roofs, and the hotel's wellness programming also reflects the landscape. Custom-tailored to a guest's unique desires, the resort's "Wellness Warrior" itineraries include things like aerial yoga, during which you'll be suspended from trees by generous swaths of silk; forest bathing; relaxing CBD massages; and an "Alternative Energy Journey" that you'll be guided through by a personal therapist.

Dining at Blue Sky is led by James Beard award-winning chef Galen Zamarra, whose refined cuisine is both influenced by the mountains and served in various places amongst them. You can dine on the terrace with views of Alexander Canyon, or opt for a mountaintop picnic. Perhaps you're also up for a trek to The Tavern, a secret 19th century cabin where gourmet food is cooked over a campfire.

Hiking in Sedona
Room at L'Auberge de Sedona


L'Auberge de Sedona can be found in one of Sedona's striking red rock canyons, quietly nestled along the banks of Oak Creek and granted shade from towering Sycamores. With a focus on sustainability in all aspects of their business, everything at L'Auberge - including their wellness activities - is designed to honor and interact with the natural setting.

Start out slow with daily yoga, feeding the ducks (a resort tradition) and in the forest spa; there, you can create a uniquely personalized blend of herbs, oils, botanicals and essential oils to be used during your treatments. Once you're ready to pick up the pace, hike through geological wonders like Antelope Canyon, or explore by horseback or hot air balloon. Finally, as anyone familiar with Red Rock Country knows, this area is home to a number of "sacred vortexes," with L'Auberge de Sedona being a central access point to many of them. If these more mystic elements intrigue you, "The Intuitive Vortex" is an experience that can be custom-tailored for guests, including a choice of which specific vortex you'd like to visit.

Equestrian center at Salamander Resort & Spa
Sunset at Salamander Resort & Spa


It may only be an hour outside of Washington DC, but the Salamander Resort & Spa couldn't feel further from the city's hectic urban energy. In historic Middleburg, Virginia with the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop, this is a place to find calm.

On an impressive 340 rural acres, the resort features a 23,000-square-foot spa with 14 treatment rooms, an outdoor courtyard and a heated pool. Those visiting in the name of wellness should start there, then partake in some hiking, a relaxing float down the Shenandoah or Potomac Rivers and - most unique of all - spend some time in Salamander's renowned equestrian center. There, the resort offers a unique program called "Equine Communication," during which you'll get to experience the fascinating world of "horse whispering." Much of your time will be spent focusing on body language, the energy one brings to their interactions with a horse, communication and the importance of authenticity. The benefits of equine therapy are well documented, and you'll likely understand why after this course.

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Salamander Resort & Spa