A Perfect Day in New Orleans

We’ve asked New Orleans’ locals and our advisors to share their favorite spots (and best-kept secrets) for dining in this one-of-a-kind culinary destination. Add in the Internova SELECT Hotels & Resorts benefits you receive for booking through our agency, and this could be your perfect day of eating and exploring in The Big Easy.
Your big day in The Big Easy starts with a gorgeous continental spread at your guesthouse, Maison de la Luz. Adorned in calming blues and whites, their private breakfast nook is styled upon Southern parlor rooms, and is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet before heading out into this vibrant city. Because you're planning to indulge in a plate of beignets later in the afternoon, you've carefully selected an outfit that's neither dark blue nor black....

Heading toward the French Quarter-the historic "crown jewel" of New Orleans-you meet your guide from The Historic New Orleans Collection for a tour through the neighborhood. As you walk below lacy wrought iron balconies and amongst antique stores, fortune tellers and busking musicians, your knowledgeable guide shares with you the history of this mythic area, and points out its architectural gems.
In search of an even quirkier side of the city, you now wander down to the Pharmacy Museum of New Orleans (514 Chartres). A treasure trove of curiosities and wonders, this historic 2-story building was home to America's first licensed pharmacist (and his plethora of macabre treatments). Endless rows of apothecary jars stand at attention on ornate wooden shelves, and all manner of leather, steel and wooden medical instruments are showcased within hand-carved cabinets. Amongst the collection of voodoo elixirs, you manage to spot the famous Love Potion No. 9.
You're getting hungry by now, so you grab a shrimp po-boy from nearby Johnny's before making your way south to Lafayette Square. Sitting across from Gallier Hall, which housed the city's government for over a century, this 2.5 acre park is a lovely place to find calm in your day. You relax here awhile and enjoy a bit of people-watching as the city rolls by.
Now you're ready to indulge in a New Orleans classic: beignets from Cafe du Monde! You've chosen to do as the locals do and waited until the morning and midday rushes have passed. Walking east to their Riverwalk location (500 Port of New Orleans Pl), you grab a table and have your order ready - a plate of beignets and a cafe au lait - as soon as the server strolls up. The pillowy squares of golden fried dough come warm and laden with powdered sugar, making you grateful for your choice of outfit.
After taking some time to relax and freshen up at the guesthouse, you walk a few doors down for pre-dinner oysters and cocktails at Seaworthy (630 Carondelet) - your priority reservation was courtesy of Maison de la Luz. In this moody and rustic space - a former Creole cottage built in 1832 - you enjoy bespoke cocktails while tipping back briny oysters from the Gulf, East and West coasts.
It's time for your dinner at Galatoire's (209 Bourbon), a New Orleans institution since 1905. It's the kind of place where jackets are required, so you've dressed up in preparation of this refined but raucous experience. Sazeracs are the first thing to arrive at your table from a tuxedoed waiter, followed by plates of souffle potatoes, escargot, shrimp etouffee and black bottom pecan pie.
Your day finishes back at Maison de la Luz with a nightcap from the richly scarlet Bar Marilou. Since you're craving a bit more privacy, you retreat to the guests-only Living Room and order from Marilou through a secret window behind a painting on the wall.

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