A Perfect Day in St. Lucia

Lush, colorful, eclectic and full of surprises, this eastern Caribbean nation is an island made for romance. Add in the SELECT Villas benefits you receive for booking through our agency, and this could be your perfect day on St. Lucia.
7:45 AM

Wake up in paradise. Your home base on this romantic adventure is Smugglers Nest, one of the many choices you'll have through our SELECT Villas collection. Take your coffee - prepared by your dedicated staff - down to the wooden gazebo on the water's edge and enjoy the spectacular views of Smugglers Beach, Pigeon Island and the stunning north coast.

9:35 AM

St. Lucia's fascinating historic sites and charming towns are not to be missed. Start with Pigeon Island National Landmark, located near the capital of Castries. One of the most important sites in St. Lucia's history, this small island includes military ruins from the lengthy battle between the French and British and was also once occupied by pirates of a most stereotypical nature.

11:21 AM

Further south is the country's former capital, Soufriere, an enchanting town where the island's French history is still visible in the colorful fa?ades still lining the streets. Enjoy an early lunch at the romantic Boucan Restaurant & Bar by Hotel Chocolat using the 200 USD destination dollars you received for booking your stay through our agency. Finish your meal with The Magnificent Piton, a dramatic soft meringue peak surrounded by estate chocolate soup.

12:38 PM

After eating your "Piton," it's time to set foot on the real deal. The Petit and Gros Pitons, St. Lucia's most recognizable landmarks, are verdant, former volcanoes rising dramatically out of the ocean. Hire a guide and set your sights on Gros Piton; despite being the taller of the two, it's the safer to hike. The view from the top will take away any remaining breath you have after the ascent.

3:45 PM

Not all adventures on St. Lucia require quite so much cardio; in fact, plenty are downright relaxing! At the Sulphur Springs Park, for example - the Caribbean's only "drive-in volcano" - you can wander the park to admire the steaming pits of mud, craters and rivers of sulphuric water. Recover from your Piton hike by soaking in the volcanic waters and getting painted in mineral-rich mud.

4:44 PM

Being the tropical play-land it is, St. Lucia is a magical place to go swimming, snorkeling and sailing with your beloved. Best of all, these pursuits are easy to engage in and do not require massive amounts of time. The Anse Chastanet reef, for example, begins just 10 yards from the water's edge, so you can head right out into this incredible marine ecosystem and view more than 150 different species of fish.

6:30 PM

Wander back to your side of the island for a romantic dinner at Cliff at Cap, a world-renowned restaurant set on a rocky bluff with stunning views across the ocean to the neighboring island of Martinique. After an appetizer of spiny lobster ravioli followed by cinnamon-roasted beef mignon, pass on dessert ... for now.

8:36 PM

Walk a few yards down from the restaurant to find The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill, a cozy establishment nestled on a natural cove. With the lapping waves breaking just a few feet from your table, share a bowl of salted caramel gelato while sipping a spicy mango specialty cocktail made with local rum, mango pur?e and homemade jalapeno syrup.

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