A Perfect Day in Zurich

If you love food, Switzerland should be on your “must go” list. We have cultivated personal relationships with some of the country’s most renowned restaurateurs and wherever you go in this majestic country, we have recommendations for unforgettable dining experiences. Here, one of our favorite chefs gives us a sneak peek into his perfect day in Zürich.

Enjoy coffee, pastries or eggs as you like among the cozy amenities and friendly personnel of Parkhuus Restaurant, at the Park Hyatt Zurich. Before embarking on your adventure, be sure to bring an empty water bottle with a bit of mint and lemon to enjoy one of the more than 1,200 Zurich water fountains. Ask your concierge for a water fountains map!


Absorb the panoramic splendor of Zurich's architecture and the Limmat River from Liedenhof Park. This Swiss heritage site of national significance also holds Roman and medieval ruins.


Behold the haunting beauty of Chagall's Church Windows at Fraumunster Church. Designed by Belarusian artist Marc Chagall in the 1970s, these stained-glass windows, complemented by the resonating bells of the church, project pillars of multi-colored light within this solemn house of worship.


Reflect on the beauty of chronograph design among the many watch boutiques in the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich's main downtown street. From gold, platinum and silver shells, to delicate mechanisms crafted with expert complexity, these Swiss shops can be visually stunning, without a single purchase necessary.


Feast on traditional fare beneath the works of Pierre Bonnard, Giovanni Segantini, Marc Chagall and other renowned artists. The restaurant Kronenhalle displays to its guests the visual and culinary flavors of Switzerland in dining rooms that also act as art galleries. Oh, and you'd be remiss to not try the chocolate mousse!


To continue upon the visual narrative of Swiss culture, visit the Kunsthaus Zurich. This museum houses one of the most significant collections of art in the country, spanning from the Middle Ages to our modern times. Each portrait, sculpture and mixed-media piece conveys a tale of Switzerland's people and passion across the centuries.


Next, depart Zurich's manmade artforms to its natural serenity along the Zurich Lake Promenade. This lakeside park encloses the lower basin of the lake with a magnificent walkway. Harking back to the 1800s, when strolling was considered fashionable in Zurich, this park still maintains the tradition, with a colorful assortment of street artists and jewelry sellers.


Close out the day with a lake-side dinner at Woschi, where the hours are set in soft light for indoor or outdoor dining in view of the evening sky and calm waters. Afterward, a fiveminute drive puts you back at the Park Hyatt Zurich, where you can use the 100 USD Food & Beverage credit you received for booking a SELECT property at the ONYX Bar, to enjoy hand-rolled cigars and sip barrel-aged craft cocktails.

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