Explore Tuscany's More Quieter Spots

With its acres of vineyards and stony medieval villages, Tuscany is home to endless wonders — many of which tend to draw a crowd. Here’s how to explore some of this region’s much quieter spots, with plenty of good food and wine to keep you fueled along the way.
Day One
7:30 AM
You've got a big day ahead, so tuck into a delectable breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, pastries and plenty of espresso at Hotel Le Fontanelle.

8:45 AM
Hop on Hotel Le Fontanelle's original 1970's Vespas for an authentically-Italian ride through the Tuscan hills. Your destination? The nearby ruins of Castello di Cerreto,
a now-crumbling fortress likely dating back to the 11th century. With directions from the hotel, park roadside and walk the winding path through an oak forest to this near-mythic scene. Then it's back to the hotel to pick up your bathing suits and swap Vespas for the private driver arranged by our agency.
11:00 AM
Head south to the hilltop village of Montalcino in the supremely scenic Val d'Orcia. After a meandering stroll through its ancient lanes, you're ready for lunch at Enoteca Osteria Osticcio, one of the area's best restaurants. Knowledgeable servers bring dishes like lamb with wild berry cream, porcini and juniper broth to the table, along with plenty of full-bodied Brunello di Montalcino. And since the region is famous for its sheep's cheese and honey, you opt for Osticcio's Pecorino ice cream with pear jam and Montalcino honey for dessert.
2:15 PM
After your meal it's onwards to Montepulciano, another historic town at elevation and one of Tuscany's lesser-visited gems. Steeped in Renaissance history, Montepulciano offers dazzling views of the surrounding countryside, though some of its greatest draws are out of sight entirely: underground wine cellars. On a private tour, discover the subterranean vaults that have been housing bottles of this region's acclaimed Montepulciano D'Abruzzo for centuries.
4:30 PM
If you're ready to truly wander off the tourist trail, a wild hot springs adventure awaits! End your day of sightseeing with a restorative soak in the Fosso Bianco hot springs - one of this region's best kept secrets. Like Castello di Cerreto, Fosso Bianco requires a quick jaunt through the woods to reach, and is notable for its dramatic formations of white calcium with pools of richly blue water below them.
7:45 PM
Back at Hotel Le Fontanelle, your first order of business is showering off any sulfur you've brought home from the hot springs! Then it's time for another spectacular meal at the hotel's La Colonna Restaurant, with classics like pappa al pomodoro and Bistecca alla Fiorentina, as well as original dishes like pigeon with plums, almonds and roses. Along with several glasses of Chianti Classico, of course.
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